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Why Change Anything?

by Posted Author on 11/12/16

By G. F. Smith


Have you ever wondered what life would be like without motion?

Ahhhhh, you’re getting it. There is no life…without motion. Everything is in a state of flux, or motion: sub-atomic particles, molecules…people, planets… galaxies, even the universe. Life is defined by motion, as is time. When something moves, it changes, and when something changes…it moves. Simple as that. 

But the question is, is the motion—or change—toward something better, or something worse? Matter of opinion, I know. Just think of the most recent presidential campaigns and the resulting election! Whew! Yeah, I’m glad it’s over, too.

As many of you can tell, I’m back in the blogger/communication mode again. No, I don’t just drift along and then all of the sudden arbitrarily decide to change something, and then offer up an announcement of it. No, on the contrary, what I’m doing—have been doing—is, and has been, calculated, planned, weighed out, and then strategically and incrementally set in motion. (There’s that word again!)

But why Change what I’ve already done?

Let me say a few things first. I do not consider myself a religious person. I’m on the edge regarding all that, as a lot of us are, though I still consider myself a believer; however, I'm still full of confusion, doubt, and admitted ignorance—even anger sometimes. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't. Yet, I still offer up prayers and hope that all this craziness down here on this little planet exists for some reason, and that I exist for some reason, and that life is ultimately changing for the better. 

My simple everyday prayer for all of us, is for:

A measure of Faith, an allotment of Wisdom, and a sense of Purpose!

(That goes for you too, Mr. Trump! Sincerely!)

This is the best I can do, because somehow along the way we have to convince ourselves that this life—this motion—we’re subjected to has some meaning. 

I’ve looked at things this way most of my life. I truly wish I had more definitive answers. But, I don’t. What I can do, is keep moving, keep changing, keep questioning, and keep humble. So, that’s why I write, and why I keep trying to improve what I write, and how it is presented. 

I’ve made some changes to my most recent book, Smartbrain, as well as to some of the older ones as you might have noticed. Let me explain why. As a self-published author, I have to compete with literally millions of other authors for attention, from you…the consumer. No different than with restaurants, smartphone makers, or anyone else that offers some thing, or some service. 

We all behave this way. You do! 

You do it when you dress up and prepare for a Job Interview; you do it when you try to persuade your employer that this way is better than that way; you do it when you go out on a date; you do it when you show up at 6:00am and vote! We all seem to have this inherent penchant to try to improve. Just look at history.

I’ve realized this from the start. That is why I have done what I’ve done. Let me lay it out: I seek to give back to life, truly; I’ve written a number of books with self-effacing, encouraging and entertaining content. I’ve created a platform to present them to people in order to test markets, get opinions, and garner reviews; I’ve listened to these comments and critiques; I’ve humbly taken them to heart, and have made improvements so that forthcoming Readers can enjoy these works to an even greater degree than others before them, and maybe change for the better because of them.

What you’ll find when you—the Reader—experience my books, are characters in varying circumstances that in relative ways recognize and mimic these drives and penchants, hopes and feelings, wins and losses, possibilities and potentials, that we all find ourselves in the middle of—in reality or imagination—asking the questions, enduring the frustrations, and hoping, as we try our best to keep up to the changes this life subjects us to.

Hang in there people…the World is about to change again!

G. F. Smith

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