Ebooks are Electronic Books: books that are available in various digital formats that can be read on devices such as an eReader (designed specifically for ebooks), a Desktop Computer, or on Notebooks and Laptops, or even devices such as IPod TouchesIPads, PDAs, and even Smart Phones, such as IPhones, Androids, Blackberrys, and the Apps are all free, plus you also get complimentary Domain Free books along with the downloads (see link at left).
Ebooks are a revolution in the Book, Magazine, and Periodical reading and publishing Industry. Why? Because digital information is revolutionary in and of itself and everything is digital these days. An eReader can hold thousands of books in its memory, and as with the revolution in digital music, they can be accessed anywhere for the owner’s enjoyment. 
The first generation eReaders left a lot to be desired. They were cumbersome, had a short battery life, the screens were difficult to read, etc., but today’s eReaders are a leap in technology and user-friendliness. One other nice feature with today’s technology is that most devices offer customization for the Reader: an assortment of font sizes and back ground color, page turning methods, auto-scroll, and brightness settings. All are adjustable to personal taste.
Many eReaders, as with Smart Phones and Laptops, are now equipped to provide wireless downloads directly to the devices for ease and convenience. And the shopping experience is amazing. Online libraries are immense and the choices rival the best libraries and bookstores. Most (if not all) online eBook distributors offer personal bookshelves: when you buy and download a book, it is always there on your personal shelf to access and download again, and again when ever you want. You may lose the eReader, but you’ll never lose your books.
Also, now with such an increase in usage, they are extremely affordable and, with the free Software and Apps downloads available for a diversity of devices to choose from, everyone can find something that works for them.
Did you know ?

Did you know that most ebook distributors offer free PC software downloads of their eReaders so you can read your ebooks on your home or laptop computers?
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