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  Amidst the burgeoning political and environmental chaos of the mid-21st century Dr. Levi Tolliver discovers the very substance that has held humanity back since the beginning; the key that unlocks the secrets of Matter, Energy, and Time, and perhaps…the ancient reason for our being. 

   Following the discovery, a mysterious individual from another dimension takes Dr. Tolliver off-planet giving him instructions to seek out metaphysical author, Daniel J. Sayer. Once together, the two find themselves being led to seemingly obscure points in history, trying to stop a madman who, through a limited, yet disturbing application of the doctor’s discovery, can now send his mind back in time. And who, through mental coercion and oppression -- bordering on the edges of possession -- is consequently changing history for his own ends, by changing the people who will make it.  

 The discovery portends a paradigm shift of unparalleled proportions. Leading the two to question: "Is the discovery intended to advance humanity, or destroy it? Are we truly meant to be more…than human?"    (Book 1 - 372 pgs)
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