At the turn of the 22nd century, thousands of children at the World Children’s Orphanage, U.S. compound are taken hostage by militant Eco-political terrorists. One child will die horrifically each hour. The demands: “Permanently disable the world’s fossil fuel refineries, and power plants…one plant for one child’s life, non-negotiable.”

  Daniel J. Sayer, PhD, author, lecturer, advisor to world leaders, reluctantly finds himself mired in the crisis, pairing his own unique abilities, with the staff of the WCO, the Military, and the courageous sacrifices of the children, in their desperate efforts to combat the mysterious and ruthless terrorist group, the QUALM, and their world-televised Illustrations of Death.

  Along the way, Dr. Sayer begins to realize that he is being steered through a twisted plot of metaphysical proportions, fighting not only over the fate of the children, and for the future of the Earth, but for his own beleaguered soul.   (the Sequel - 390 pgs)

Alternative History Metaphysics
Faith & Religion Time Travel
Military Action
Individual Purpose Future…
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