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  Daniel Jeremy Sayer has gone through more than his share of pain, loss, and frustration. Which leads him to ask some “Big Universe” questions: Why have we been subjected to this life? What on Earth is happening? Why the big mystery? Is anyone out there even listening?

  When the answers start coming, in the form of a mysterious, seemingly benign, yet oddly inane individual from another dimension -- Alien, or Angel, he’s not sure which -- Daniel suddenly begins to question whether he really wants to know the answers after all.

 Through tragedy, loss, coincidence and consequence; through frustration, anger, courage and faith, along with a touch of humility and humor; Daniel Jeremy Sayer unexpectedly finds himself being shown the metaphysical edge of human existence, whether he wants to see it, or not.  (the Prequel - 374 pgs)

Alternative History Metaphysics
Faith & Religion
Time Travel
Individual Purpose Future...
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  Sci-Phi Series  
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