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Goodreads Book Giveaway

Smartbrain by G.F. Smith


by G.F. Smith

Giveaway ends December 11, 2016.

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Marketing...is like going for a job interview!” ~ G. F. Smith

In promotion of this engaging new book, and for a limited time only, Confluential Press and Gfsmithbooks are giving away FREE copies of Smartbrain!

Yes that is correct, please read on…

Gfsmithbooks and Confluential Press could spend thousands of dollars on annoying advertising for the book launch of Smartbrain, but we would rather spend the money on giving away FREE books for people to enjoy; what better advertising than giving? And what are we asking for in return? Reviews!

Indie, as well as traditional publishers routinely compete for Book Reviews, in a variety of ways. Traditional publishers, for instance, seek out their array of dependable beta-reviewers when launching a book, sending out free copies and asking them to review the work. That is how you find all those endorsements and words of praise attached to a particular work, often even before the book is launched.  

Question: do you have a personal Résumé, a List of References, perhaps a School Transcript? Well then, by your own experience, you know how essential these are. Book Reviews are the equivalent of these important documents. To Publishers, Authors, and Readers, these mean a lot!

But, I'm not a Reviewer ~ you say!

From research, we know that many people think that you have to be a “Reviewer” in order to write a review. No, that is not true! You just have to have an opinion, and a voice. And that’s the point, offering up your voice. Smartbrain—though fiction—is about the good and the bad bad regarding the emerging technologies of Brain-Computer-Interface, its effect on society, the environment, personal identity, and our future; the world is going to change again because of it.

So, we are humbly asking if you would be willing to help us out, and perhaps write a quick review. 

Writing a Review is a chance to become one of those people who offers their 2-cents worth, on some very important subjects. In addition, it is a way to help endorse and support the purveyors of the subject matter—whether you agree with the purveyors perspectives, or not. We writers and publishers are thick-skinned, so we invite your candor. Truly, it is how we improve.

If you would like to receive a FREE book, and are open to posting a review on Amazon.com, and/or B&N.com, or perhaps Goodreads.com (all three would be awesome—it can be short, copied and pasted)then all you have to do is click on the email button below. (*Note: printed books available in the U.S.A only; eBooks available in all countries with access to Amazon.com and B&N.com)

Please tell us what type of book you would prefer (Print; Kindle, or Nook eBook), and leave your mailing address (print), and/or your email address (eBooks), and we will send your FREE copy. That means FREE shipping, too! There is no cost. We are just asking for an honest, humble review…no matter the number of Words, or Stars.

Remember, this offer is only available for a limited time. 

Thank you for your interest, and good luck with your next interview, whenever that may be. Drop us a line if you would like to comment.

All the best, and remember…stay curious,

G. F. Smith
Confluential Press

*Note: Shipping addresses absolutely will NOT be used for any other purposes than to mail your FREE copy of Smartbrain, and it will be deleted from our database as soon as this is accomplished. Email addresses will automatically go into our database for future, yet sparse mailings, etc. However, if you wish it removed just make the request and we will immediately do so as well. You have our word on this!

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