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* How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks--All For Free
~ Jason Matthews 

 * Sue McGhee's McFin Din 
~ Sue McGee

 * Cynthia Robertson, Writer 
~ Cynthia Robertson

 * My Name is Not Bob
~ Robert Lee Brewer

 * Free Book Reviews
~ Book Reviews

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~ Good...reads, what else!

Interesting Engineering
~Awesome Projects, Science
~ Cool Space People & Info

~ UFO and Paranormal News from around the World

Coast-to-Coast AM    -  With George Noory 
~ Spiritual, Paranormal, Aliens, Archeology, etc. 

New Song
~ Rebuilding the Lives of Indiana Orphans...

Christian Websites
~ Broad & Inspiring list of Sites

Islam Websites
~ Broad and Inspiring List of Sites

All Things Spiritual
~ Huge Directory of Sites & Forums & Polls

Think Exist
~ Quotes and Such

~ Current News on Space, Animals, Technology, Health, etc.

A Dark and Bloody Ground   -  by Michael Willever 
~ Civil War Historical Novel Series
~ Cool Space People & Info

~ Science Articles and Discoveries

~ Science Articles and Discoveries
  Blog: Confluential Subjects
     “It means: the coming together of streams of matter, or energy, or spirit. Which initially creates turbulence and chaos, yet ultimately results in a greater, more synergistically, uh...dynamic system of life and reality and whatever!  That’s the definition I gave it, at least…again, a long time ago. Needs some work!"   
                                                                                   ~ Paul Usher, from Subjected: Eye of God
    Thanks for your interest in the blog. The topics are—as the Blog title indicates—Confluential. Yeah, I know, “Confluential” isn’t exactly a mainstream word. Actually, one of the characters in my first Book thinks he made it up. 
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