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 Smartbrain Universe
Smartbrain, a two-part novel and the first in the Penchant Series, introduces the Reader to a burgeoning, future universe where new, uber-immersive consumer technology creates the potential for worlds of augmented realism that exceeds ordinary, high-definition reality by inestimable measures. 

This universe, achieved by a technology that streams data directly into the human brain, just as our array of normal senses do, initially seems to offer endless possibilities and new frontiers of personal, as well as social experience. However, as with most things, the dichotomous contrast of the human psyche also apparently has the potential to present itself anew—for good, and bad. 

Hence, the Penchant Series, in its present as well as future iterations, promises to highlight, and perhaps portend—within and through this new universe—many of the recurring topics and curiosities that a vast number of people in the world are not only wondering about, but also are understandably deeply concerned about. 

Is technology truly leading us to a better world?

Will innovation and technology ultimately save our environment from self-induced catastrophe?

Are we, because of technology, losing an important part of our humanity?

Will this new universe of technology be just another contributor to the separation of the classes?

Would technology like this help balance, or destroy world economics?

Will we become so dependent on technology that we can no longer survive in the natural world?

To what degree, or limit, can technology and biology combine?

Can, or will, AI—artificial intelligence—actually supersede human intelligence?

Will technology truly help us reach out and colonize the heavens?

Will technology enable us to learn that we are not alone in the universe, or ultimately to find out that we are?

Technology has already defined an entire new epoch in Earth’s history; will this be the final one? Moreover, if not, what could possibly come next?

Story Angles/Tags:

Smartphone/Brain Computer Interface, Consumer Technology, Virtual Worlds, Artificial Telepathy, Neural Streaming, Auxiliary Senses, Brain Hacking, Ruse, Alzheimer’s Disease, Mind Control, Personal Identity, Romance, Artificially Viable Transhuman Realities, Avatars, Human Trafficking, Moon, Space, Planets, Streamplaces, Dreams, Purpose, Adventure… 

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