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First and foremost, I have a fantastic family: a wonderful wife of 30+ years who cares beyond measure (she’s a Director of a not-for-profit corporation in charge of a large staff overseeing Supported Living Programs for people with disabilities). We have four remarkable and talented grown children, and several awesome grand children (up to five now), which are all a huge part of our lives. 

I think of myself as being artistic, at least I endeavor to be—of course that’s why writing is so very important to me. I’m technologically privy; I know my way around computers and computer controlled equipment, and I understand physics, engineering, and mechanics pretty well. And, I’m handy around the house, having been in the building industries for a long time when I was younger. 

My writing skills have developed from working in the business world--entrepreneurial to corporate--writing copy, correspondence, training modules, along with stories, and books over a multitude of years. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Management along with other business certifications. 

I've loved many forms of adventure in my life: motorcycles, spelunking, rafting, skydiving, and the sort. I also enjoy hiking, museums, reading, writing, and movie watching. And I love science in all of its forms, especially cosmology and astronomy. I am also a deeply spiritual person, though I am not dogmatic, or proselytizing.

Though a private person, I enjoy people and welcome public speaking and social interaction when there is something important to learn, as well as to share. However, I do not seek in any form or fashion to be a celebrity or public figure.

My personal interests, as well as the main themes in my writing include: Science, Metaphysics, Cosmology, History, Science Fiction, Time Travel, Adventure, Environmental concerns, Faith and Purpose and Causality, the Future of Humanity, Inspiration and Encouragement, and the discovery of the best in all of us. 

I believe that we are all part of something bigger than ourselves—call it what you will. We are all fallible, and we all have our particular sufferings and frustrations to learn from as a result. However, we all have great potential, if we can humbly embrace these truths and find the courage to step out beyond the edge of ourselves and the limits God's Universe often curtly—yet always purposely—places upon us. 

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