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If You Had Discovered it...Would You Have Shared it with the World?

by Posted Author on 08/27/12

By G. F. Smith

(Original Publish Date: 10-20-11


Don't you just love those movies about the guy (or girl) who stumbles upon some big discovery and then spends the rest of the drama bravely trying to either salvage it from destruction, or keep it from the bad guys, or convince the world of its significance, or, on the negative side, keep it hidden, knowing the disruption...the devastation it would cause? We always like to place ourselves in those character's shoes and excitedly--though vicariously--live the adventure, even the conflict that so fundamentally keeps us on the edges of our seats until the final moments and the respective resolution.


Think of: The Time Machine, King Kong, Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, Contact, National Treasure, Final Impact, The Day After Tomorrow or more recently, Transformers, Limitless, and Apollo 18.


If you found you had discovered an ancient treasure, or better yet, discovered some esoteric, arcane secret or power...would you choose to share it with the world? Even if you knew it could perhaps stir up a dark side, as well as a bright side?


An Excerpt from my second book: Subjected: Parallax: 


    "Granted, this is probably the major discovery in the history of humankind...ever. But something is going on. And it's bigger than us. I've come to think that there's a reason for the existence of this Inhibitor. Somehow, its absence, or a portion of it being absent in people like savants, or geniuses...is just a fluke...maybe a mistake, or in the least, meant only--if at all---for a very select few, and damn sure not for the likes of Markus Way!

    "Sometimes, when I set out here nights, I look up to the stars, and I wonder...why me? Why did I discover it? Me! I don't know. I just don't know. But something tells me that the Inhibitor is supposed to be there, Arthur. It's always been meant to be there. And who am I to mess with that? Who am I?"

    Arthur Winston now realized that his friend had thought himself--and drank himself--into a temporary silence. Now it was his turn.

    "Lee, you may not think so, but I do understand. I've thought the same thoughts; I went down the same path of logic. But you know..." he started, but stopped with his new thoughts. A pensive expression contorted his face. "Have you ever considered this: all the things, Lee, that we have here in this modern age, in the fields of science and medicine...the earth sciences, space sciences, everything that has gone into making our lives better over the last several centuries, it has to be some sort of a natural reduction of the Inhibitor in the first place. Don't you think? I mean, think about it! How did Einstein come up with relativity? The first paper he wrote on the subject had no footnotes, no previous works that he drew upon. It was all original thought. Where did it come from?

    "And...and what about the other countless discoveries people have made throughout history, discoveries about gravity, electromagnetism, spectroscopy, the periodic table of elements, atomic theory, the list goes on. These things existed, have existed, since time eternal, Lee. And then suddenly, out of the blue, someone, like you, comes along, and was somehow raised out of their ignorance and ended up making another new discovery.

    "I don't care if it was from hard work, if it was from a mistake, or if it was intended--propagated by divine intervention, or whatever. The point is...is that it happened. They happened. And we've all reaped the rewards from those things. The planet is reaping the rewards from them! Is that so inherently wrong?

    "Listen," Arthur continued. "I understand that this could be used the wrong way. I acknowledge that. But it's no different than anything else that's happened along over the course of the centuries. The science of metallurgy created knives to cut food with, yes...and to kill and make war with. The science of the subatomic has given us vast knowledge of matter and energy.

    "Think of the countless things that have come from that, which aid humanity, from breakfast to buildings, radios to...to radiation therapy. And yes, it has also been used to create the most powerful weapons ever conceived. But Lee, all of these things are inherently neutral. It's..." Arthur was abruptly interrupted.

    "Exactly, it's been used to kill thousands of people, millions of people," Levi Tolliver retorted. "Those things you just mentioned, they've all been used to pollute the planet, create untold suffering for millions, killed and maimed because they were wielded by twisted despotic people who want to be God.

    "And yes, they have changed things, sometimes for the better, granted. But how do you balance that? How can one or two people make those choices? Because it just exists all of a sudden, does it make it right for those one or two people--us--to be left to make choices like this? I'm not sure about that!" he said angrily, heavily. So heavily that his voice became scratchy, coarse, and tears welled up in his eyes as he said it. He tried to say more, but he couldn't.

 I know what your answer probably is to the above: "Well...it depends on what it is!"

Yeah, that's my answer, too. All this makes me think about stuff like: whether the governments of the world really know that life forms--Aliens--exist outside our lonely little planet, and have, or are still visiting us! Or if they know that a Comet or Asteroid is going to hit the Earth in the future, on a specific date, or that the Sun's going to blow up! Or if they really do know that clean, inexhaustible, and safe energy is available now! Or, if they know that we have all been lied to for centuries and are being manipulated by some Secret Society that herds us around like sheep, using us for slave labor, deviant sexual gratification, or...or gourmet food sources, or...or...  

Wow, I'm getting a little Hollywood-ish here, aren't I?

Regardless, all the above would change things beyond comprehension. Knowledge of such things would dislodge reality to such a degree that one would have to weigh the ultimate costs of the good, along with the bad, in choosing to release it--whatever it is--onto the general public.

I don't know if I'd truly want full disclosure on some of these things, come to think about it. Afterwards, movies and popcorn and York Peppermint Patties just wouldn't have the same...appeal.

G. F. Smith

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