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It's Only 1/3 Our Fault Then...Right?

by Posted Author on 08/27/12

By G. F. Smith

(Original Publish Date: 10-21-11)


Nature vs. Nurture, we've all heard the term. In short, it means that we--including those of the animal kingdom--were born a certain way and therefore are, or, behave a certain our very nature. But then on the other side of the proverbial coin it's stated that we behave certain ways due to how we were brought up--nurtured--by our parents, grandparents along with the influences of our respective environments.


I was reading a new book that just came out by one of my author friends recently (A Dark and Bloody Ground: Reaping the Whirlwind). It's a historically accurate Civil War Novel about the battle for Kentucky. It got me thinking again about another blog post of mine: Life, Death, Memetic Encoding...How are you Bent?


Some of us in history have been (and still are) pretty bent.


Nature and nurture, though, only make up two thirds of the story. As we grow and mature we realize that we--our Minds--have a choice in the matter. Right? We can choose to travel an alternative path, or deviate from certain inherent propensities that we may have found ourselves naturally on, or governed by. We still have choices. Right?


Take prejudice for instance. All can attest that our world-society, on varying scales, still pre-judges others by certain ambiguous criteria: race, color, class, nationality, religious affiliation, education, age, affluence, etc... It's a long list, actually. But we in modern society have some fortunate influences to help us understand better, to help us see with bigger eyes, and therefore make better choices. Right? It's called the News...


An Excerpt from my third book: Subjected: the Predicate:

    ...then waved his hand again, this time with vigorous force. Instantly a large portion of screens began displaying other contemporary, real-time scenes around the globe. Without warning, at least two dozen large cities erupted in utter chaos and destruction: first New York, then Paris, then Sidney; Beijing, Mexico City, Kuala Lumpur, Nepal, Moscow, Toronto, Johannesburg, Tokyo, and Munich, on and on. All were near-simultaneously erupting in sudden bedlam and pandemonium.

    Gigantic explosions now roared and ripped at the cities.

    Enormous black clouds could be seen violently rolling outwards from the centers of them, instantaneously divesting them of life with the force of hurricanes.

    Millions of people were seen burning and screaming and thrashing about trying to get some strange sort of sticky, fiery, black burning ooze off of their flesh as they became engulfed by it.

    But they couldn't.

    It was some force, some thing that had never been seen on the Earth before. It was like black fire...liquefied evil. And it was suddenly consuming everything in its path.

    It was happening so quickly. Daniel nearly turned to stone at the sight

    "Now you are beginning to see!" he started again.

    "Now you are beginning to understand

    "Just what you are...and who you are...and what you are a part of!" He yelled, as he paced the stage floor.

    The boy inside the diamond watched helplessly, not being able to turn his head, or shut his eyes. The unseen forces still held him taut. His face was white, and he was trembling violently with waves of abhorrence at what he was seeing. He watched powerlessly as those suffering in the black fire developed huge blisters on their arms and faces, as if the water in their skin had begun to boil and froth and steam.

    He watched them vomit, and convulse, and hold themselves. He then watched as their human flesh began sliding off their bones, falling to the ground, mere pieces of who they used to be. The boy became sick, and he himself started to vomit. Tears washed down his cheeks. Again he tried desperately to turn away, but he couldn't.

    Nor could Daniel.

Most of us in the world watch the news programs that parade their way into our lives with only a modicum of personal association. But it's understandable. Suffering, death, and destruction--the abhorrent side of humanity--are difficult things to sit down to dinner with on our TV's, engaging us as we enjoy the fruits of our often difficult daily labors. Most watch briefly, though often routinely, to gather an idea of what may be happening in the world that given day, and then after dinner sit down to a nice evening of entertainment where we know in the back of our heads that what we are watching are merely Hollywood simulations


But, a huge percentage of people in the world live their daily lives amongst the suffering, the destitute, and the dying. It's just a fact of nature...and nurture.


My grandmother once told me that, "We can't save the entire the world...only our little part of it." She was right. God bless you Grandma! Sorry for not visiting you as much as I should have.


History is replete with stories of the effects and consequences of Nature vs. Nurture, and of the people who have ended up a certain way because that was the way they were raised, and those were the times--the conditions--that they found themselves in: Pharaohs, Kings and Generals, Pontificates, Prime Ministers and Presidents, paupers and peasants alike, the list goes on.


What are we to make of all this? For those of us who are setting in our living rooms, on our porches, or at our desks, or wherever, we are individuals, yes, but we are also part of a collective world. But then again, we can't save the whole world. Right? Heck, I sometimes feel that I can't even make it through a whole day serving my employer, and my family. How in the world can I save the whole world?


Again, my grandma was right.


All we can do is save our little part of it. We may be products of the nature we were born from and the nurturing we received while we were here. But there's still that third part of the equation that can make a huge difference, in everything...


G. F. Smith

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