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Why Write, Play, Work...Why Do Anything?

by Posted Author on 08/27/12

By G. F. Smith

(Original Publish Date: 12-03-11) 

Let's say you're participating in a Sport. Have you ever felt one of those grand moments when you're simply in-the-Zone? When beyond all odds or comprehension you make that move, that play, or that shot, and you feel that there's a bigger connection, something bigger than you, one which leaves you--at least for a few remarkable moments--in a state of amazement or perhaps awe? I've felt that way playing Golf before, on the few occasions that I have played, making shots where my resulting comments (along with my companions) were: "No...Freaking...Way!" In truth, I'm really bad at the sport, but I've heard others say, that that is what keeps them coming back to the game in the first place. Even though Golf is, what has to be, the most frustrating game ever to be invented. 


Sort of like Life itself, depending on how you look at it!


Ever feel that way at work? When you feel so in control of the "system" that you almost feel like a King lording over it, as if it were all child's play? You know what I mean? Like...like your efforts--at least at that time-are effortless. Or that the good coming from what you're doing is somehow so keen and evident in your mind that you feel that sort of lofty, perhaps humbly magnanimous feeling? Or what you feel when you, and the team that you're working with, become that enviable, non-stoppable, winning force of change?


All humans experience moments like these, those in-the-Zone times when we feel empowered, in control and even...purposeful, like the Universe has, for a time, given us a gift of sorts, and we are magically lofted above the frustration-filled mundane. These are the moments we live for. It's what's behind the phrases we use when we say: "It's what I do! This is my life! This is who I am!"


However, for many, those moments are few and far between...sparse even. When we're in those in-between dry times, we often feel stagnant, impotent, and purposeless even. We equate those times with boredom, monotony, and weariness. When we experience this, we often lose perspective. And, if it goes on too long, our sense of connection, contribution...even faith, that who we are, and what we are, has meaning, and that there's a reason for us being here, and for what we have chosen to do in life.


I've been suffering from a touch of writer's block lately, as all writers do...stressing about it, actually. Then, along comes a Blog Post (from another Blog I follow) asking the question: Why Do You Write? Those few words were so appropriate and stirring (for me at the time, you see) that I felt like it was one of those ethereal answers from that sometimes separate, yet  internally-crying voice which daily seems to ask: Why are you here? What are you doing? What's your reason...your motivation...your purpose?


As I thought about it all again, my mind began to settle down and revisit just why it is I do feel compelled to write.


The answer: I simply become enlivened to life and purpose when I get that little in-the-Zone feedback from people who say that in reading my words, they, at that critical moment, needed to think those thoughts, feel those emotions, and/or learn that particular lesson. That the words somehow inspired them, and that they were lifted up and--if even for a moment--were changed, or enhanced, or were in some way convinced that the timely uplifting was propagated beyond all coincidence, or happenstance, and was meant as an answer...to their humble,  heartfelt frustrations and supplications.


Knowing that my contributions can--and do (at given times)--get used in the Universe's mysterious yet, continuing creation and animation (like a player in a big cosmic game)...well, that's what keeps me writing and working and playing.


So...Game On!


(Thanks Cynthia!)


Feel free to share one of your in-the-Zone, or timely moments or experiences, if you'd like...


(and Check out Cynthia Robertson's Blog here, or under Blogs I Recommend...)

G. F. Smith

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