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The One Thing Everyone in the World Thinks About...Every Day?

by Posted Author on 08/27/12

By G. F. Smith

(Original Publish Date: 09-05-11)

CONTROL! Yes...control! I'm not talking about being the "boss" of others, or of becoming a puppeteer over your friends, or partners, or coworkers. Nor am I talking about world domination. Not even the James Bond, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rambo, or MacGyver type of control over harrowing situations of mayhem, imprisonment, pending torture or death.  

But then again, that'd be cool if you needed it, I'd imagine.

No. What I'm talking about here is the control that, again, everyone--including me--thinks about every day of our lives: Control...over our lives.

The ability to, among other things:

Sleep when we want, wake when we want...

Eat what we want...

Be with whom we want...

Work where we want, play where we want...

Believe how we want...

To basically control whatever it is we want, when, where, how, and if we want!


Prologue from my first book- SUBJECTED: Eye of God:

"Yes, that is the one thing everyone wants beyond all others...control! The desire results from a natural inclination," he said, shifting his gaze slightly before continuing "From an infant's first breath, to the dyings' last, the yearning underlies every hunger, wish, prayer, and aspiration. It is the quest of life garner control. To have our needs, wants, desires, yes even our dreams, fulfilled. However, I sense you've convinced yourself that, for you, these challenges are insurmountable?"

Although he spoke with an authoritative tone, his mercurial blue eyes exuded genuine empathy. He stood silent for a brief moment studying the pain and frustration that haunted the young man's eyes.  

"I assure you, you are not alone," he continued. "There are reasons, exceedingly important reasons for your position...for everyone's position!" He paused again. His eyebrows now sat lower.

Experience, knowledge, understanding...wisdom, through time, award us measures of control. Yet, it is the epitome of irony, I would agree, that it seemingly takes a lifetime of struggle to gain even a semblance of control, only to be lost in the end to the inexorable effects of entropy, decay...death?" He spoke the last part mockingly as a question, and with clinched lips slowly shook his head side to side, letting out a pithy laugh through his nose. Then, perceiving the young man's disheartened thoughts, the distinguished figure suddenly smiled knowingly. 

"Yes, well...what if we were to sufficiently illustrate for you the inherent purpose? Might you choose to participate then?" 

Control is a life-long venture. Some seem to gain it effortlessly; yet with others, it's such a struggle that as a consequence they find themselves eventually succumbing to its inherent and debilitating frustrations, largely giving up the good fight, resigning themselves to lesser lives of success and accomplishment, and hence, lesser value, self-esteem...purpose.

But, that's the way control is--it's difficult to control.

Make a wrong decision here, a calamity happens there, then before you know it, or see it coming, SLAP! You're knocked out of control. And a lot of the time--probably the majority of the time--it's not even your fault. It's just that, well, in the profound words of one of our modern-day sages (Forest Gump), "**it happens."

You're trudging along, doing the best you can, and then suddenly something changes: tragedy, bad luck, loss, oversight, a mistake, etc. You may have seen it coming, whatever it was, at least to some degree, but you didn't have the luck, the necessary attributes, the qualities or characteristics, the time, or the intestinal fortitude to wrestle it back under your control.

It's happened to you, I'm sure. None of us are perfect.

It happens to everybody. And when it happens it can cause disillusionment, cynicism, depression, even moral regression. The unemployment lines, the poor neighborhoods, the soup kitchens, the broken families, the mental hospitals, on and on, around the globe and in every culture, are full of people who inadvertently inherited or suddenly found that they couldn't control the situations they found themselves in--whether they deserved it or not.

It all sounds pretty negative, I know. But that's not the theme of this post. What is, exactly?


What it all boils down to is the individual; it's on our shoulders. A burden we all ultimately carry simply by being human. It is an unfortunate reality of life, I know! Yet ironically, we are still the deciding factor here!

It all depends on how we choose to look at it, think about with it. 

Control over our lives does not necessarily equate to success in a particular endeavor. It does not necessarily mean that a loss, or tragedy, or mistake, or oversight, or whatever can, in a course of events, be avoided. Loss of control over situations or circumstances is one thing, loss of control over our selves, as a consequence, is something altogether different.

So, what truly is control, and where can we tap this highly coveted resource? Well, it's not in your intestines. And it's not in your muscles. And it's definitely not a product of mere chance, although all these things do somewhat factor into the equation.

Control...literally, is empowerment of our Mind and Spirit!

Just ask any veteran who has survived a war...

Just ask any friend who has tragically lost a loved one...

Just ask any neighbor who has lost their job, their savings, their home...

Just ask any EMT, Law Enforcement Officer, or Fireman who's seen first-hand how accidents, disaster, or neglect can utterly destroy lives...

Just ask any recovering alcoholic or addict who's just made it through their first thirty days...

Just ask any elderly person who fights daily to retain their dwindling mental and physical dexterities...

Or, just ask any terminal patient...who is about to die!

Ultimately, it seems true control finds its empowerment through something we have, throughout the ages, collectively

Faith that, if we seek to do our very best, it will all work out...

Faith that, perhaps, there's a bigger reason for the things that happen to us...

Faith that, the frustrations, the uncertainties, the disparities, the tragedies, the mysteries, even the pain and loss and sorrow, all have something to teach us...

Faith that, even if utter chaos ensues, we can retain our control...

Now then, where does faith come from? Well, you're going to have to decide that one for yourself!

Something to think about today!

G. F. Smith

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