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The Value Beyond the Value?

by Posted Author on 09/08/12

By G. F. Smith



Commitment perpetuates inspiration—and inspiration, reciprocally, perpetuates commitment. I must admit, that’s what I’ve been lately—committed, inspired…and extremely busy—hence this explains the lag in the Blog.


Sadly, my mother got sick and passed away. She passed on my birthday, ironically—that was hard—and I had a lot to think about, and a lot to do, seeing how she lived in a different state. I wrote about her not too long ago in the Blog entry entitled, Alzheimer’s: Losing Our Minds’, or Just the Connections? Thanks for everyone’s thoughts and prayers over the past many months. I really appreciate it. It’s a tough part of life, for all of us, no matter how you look at it. But…


Life…has its reasons!


On the other side of the spectrum, let’s see: I have a new grandchild—my daughter and son-in-law’s second. Yeah! In addition, my son, and daughter-in-law (along with my beautiful little grand daughter) were on a five-month missionary trip—half of which was in South Africa. Worrying and praying takes a lot of time, believe me. And let’s see, I started a new job. It’s a great job, for an awesome company, and I get to work with awesome people. It, too, has deserved my attention, all the training and overtime hours involved, and my unswerving dedication and commitment.


On top of these, I have also been working ardently toward getting my three-book novel series, SUBJECTED, in print. And, I am excited to say that…THE TASK HATH BEEN DONEth! Yeah, Baby!


Please excuse the shouting (and the stolen line from Mike Meyers)!

Anyway, if you hadn’t noticed while navigating here, the website tells all—about my new PRINTED books, I mean. However, they are not the only reason for the topic of this Blog entry. Somewhat esoteric in nature, and intended to be so, like the rest of my Blog topics, the reason is: the value beyond the value.

 I’ll quickly get to the point. We humans often get a thought in our heads—where we want to go, what we want to do, how we want to be, where we want to end up. You know: desires, goals, drives and ambitions.  When we set out on these journeys—and depending on the level of difficulty, or involvedness—we find ourselves having to “commit” our time and devotion to them, frequently, and concurrently at the sacrifice of something else.

 We only have so much time in life!

 You know what I mean! Don’t you? You’re undoubtedly experiencing this right at this very moment. In fact, you’re probably surprised that you’re even taking time to read this Blog. (Thank you, by the way.) However, there is a reason you’re reading it, isn’t there?

 The deciding factor is value…simple as that. Right?

 Well, yes! But, we all know that what is valuable to one person may not be considered as valuable to another. This happens at home, at school, at work, at play…at (is there another place? Humm!) Anyway, it happens everywhere. You value something, so you commit to it. You give your time, your thoughts, your creativity, and…if it is really valuable to you…your heart and soul. All the while pushing other things off to the side: other commitments, enjoyments, hobbies, sleep, even friends, spouses, children, etc., just to name a few.

 So, what’s this value beyond the value?

 I know you’re short on time, so here it is. The value beyond the value is, in essence, YOU! Or, in other words, it’s what you add to the value of something. You can start a business, however, it’s the integrity you add to it that, for instance, incites employees to want to work there, and customers to want to frequent it. It’s how you run it, which makes the difference, which adds, or creates, the future value—the value beyond the value.

 You can build a house, and raise a family, but, it’s how you make it a home filled with love and memories—the examples—your children will have for their entire lives, and, hopefully, thereby pass on to their children. (I didn’t really understand this one very well, until later on. But you learn along the way, that…it’s never too late!)

 Soooo, you can create art, or books, or beautiful things, or whatever, but, it’s the love and passion, the sweat and blood in which, and through which, you create them that can, and will shine through as inspiration, encouragement and, perhaps, insight to others.

 The value beyond the value is summoning a measure of belief—of faith even—that, the confluence of all your efforts will one day be greater than the frustrations and the sacrifices that were required to make it all happen in the first place. In a lot of ways though, faith is a solitary thing. We’re all different. We all have our callings and/or our purposes, and from these, what we personally designate as valuable. However, once we grasp just what those may be, it’s up to us to give it all we’ve got, and strive to believe, every step along the way, that what we set out to do will make a difference in the world, far beyond ourselves…far beyond tomorrow.

 G. F. Smith

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