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Was Everything That Happened to Us in the Past...Our Destiny?

by Posted Author on 08/27/12

By G. F. Smith

(Original Publish Date: 11-11-11)

This is going to be a relatively short Blog Post, reason being that the title itself is enough to bend the old mind in a host of different configurations as we try to encompass just exactly what the question is. 

Is everything meant for a Reason?

Is Life Predetermined?

What is Destiny?


I once read--I can't remember where--that we in fact "...never catch up with destiny." Destiny is something that is always in the future. As soon as we get there, it becomes the past, and a new destiny awaits us. Again, another mind-bender, it's like trying to determine (or define) the exact line between past and future--what makes up the NOW.


Is the NOW contained within a single second of time...perhaps, a half a second...a quarter? How about a femtosecond? Yeah, you heard me--a femtosecond. According to the science world, and Wikipedia, a femtosecond is: "one quadrillionth, or one millionth of one billionth of a second. For context, a femtosecond is to a second what a second is to about 31.7 million years." It's the stuff of Atomic Clocks, Molecular Dynamics and the like.


The point is...a point in time.


How far can you divide a fraction of time until you can't divide it any more? Would that be the dividing lines between past, present and future, or between the NOW and your destiny?


CraaaaK! Oops...bent too much. Let's put some duct tape on that and back up a second...(or whatever).


Was everything that happened to us in the past our destiny? Everything? The good things, the not-so-good things? What about the mistakes, the miscalculations, the human, day-to-day side of just being-a-being and messing up?


I know I tend to say that if something works out for good, especially if it came about after a series of not-so-good occurrences, then I'll say: "it must be...destiny!"


Like when, through a series of incongruent and possibly discordant events, you meet somebody--say, that ONE person that you just know you're meant to be together with for the rest of your life. It then becomes...destiny! And then we feel all melty and lightheaded and need to sit down due to the overwhelming feelings of awe thrashing our brains and our nervous systems.


But that's a good feeling, isn't it...awe?


A component of awe being the feeling we get at observing something that is so beyond-the-odds, that it must be destiny! And that leads us to this: Is destiny synonymous with design? By saying that, are we saying that things have been pre-determined, previously planned, deliberately set in motion, by...something?


Is there destiny...design? What parts of our past can be considered to be a fulfillment, or arrival at that particular destiny. And if those segments--or points--of time are really only few and far between--like meeting that certain someone, or getting that certain job, or buying that one winning lottery ticket, at that one particular store, at that one particular time, with those particular numbers--what do we make of all the other incidental things that happened to us in the past, or will happen to us tomorrow? Are these NOT our destiny?


And if any of it is destiny...isn't all of it destiny? (My duct tape's slipping...)


To answer the question--at least this goes for me anyway--I think it's all destiny, the past I mean, and the future. I wouldn't be who I was, or who I am today, without it. And yes, I wouldn't be...who I need to change-for-the-better, tomorrow, without it either.


Yeah, I know it's confusing to consider all this. Especially when thinking about all the 2012 chatter about apocalypse and the end of the world. You know what I'm talking about. It's everywhere: books, movies, news...endless graffiti. And many are saying that it's...destiny. But, is it?


And did you happen to notice the date of this post--11/11/11? Are you one of those who see those numbers often (1111), like when you glance at a clock, or a serial number, or whatever? Reportedly, there are a lot of us out there who do, for some reason. You wouldn't believe how many 11's I found today in my email subject lines--11 cent Sales, 11 Tips for Writers, 11 Days Left to Apply, etc. And did you hear that on this day, Egypt closed the Pyramid of Kfuhu (Cheops) on fears of ritual rumors, to be held at


What's it all mean?


I don't know? There is a lot to be said about all that self-fulfilling prophecy stuff, for us as individuals, as well as the world.


But then again, perhaps we need to understand that, before we can start to believe that we, in fact, can change our destiny. But then, that'd be...by design, now wouldn't it?


(Later...gotta go get some more tape!)


G. F. Smith

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