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What Could Possibly Be the Reason?

by Posted Author on 09/08/12

By G. F. Smith



This is going to be a short Blog Post; it’s tough to write when I’m frustrated. But somehow, by some means…someone blew up my Blog! Grrrrrrrr….Snarrrrrrrrl….Hissssssss! :( … Good, I’m glad you let me get that out of the way! Thanks!


Actually, I suppose I was the primary instigator of the abovementioned Blog Murder. It happened like this: I was in the process of setting up my Website with some accoutrements, specifically a webstore to sell the newly published, Printed Books of my series SUBJECTED. As I discussed this prospect with the Website Provider/Techno-dude (actually it was a dude-ette) I was informed that I had an “older site” that would not accommodate the newer technology—whatever—that was needed to generate the store. I was additionally told it was just a simple matter of “copying” the pages of the old site to a new-and-improved one.


“Sure,” I said…“go for it!”


Well, it was all done in a couple hours and I went to work on the new site to set up the store, and low-and-behold…my BlOG laid there…dark…unmoving…lifeless! I was…stunned, incredulous! I quickly called up the Website Provider and inquired… "wHat’s uP?! Well, long story short. The Blog did not copy over, and it was dead!


“wHat! iT…iT…caN’t be! Noooooo! But…it was.

Again, long story short, I was told I could start another Blog, which I have. And I—because I always back up my writing—was able to reload all the posts from the prior year or so. However, all the wonderful, insightful, and much-appreciated comments from all my respected (did I say appreciated) Readership…were gOne! LoSt in the cold, crUel world of cyber-sPirits…never to be read again!

So…that’s what happened.

And so, to all you wonderful, insightful—much, MUCH appreciated—Readership. I say thank you, again! I hope you will return and bless all of us with your future presence.

Life has its Reasons        

(though hard to understand sometimes!)

G. F. Smith

Comments (1)

1. Mihael Willever said on 11/1/12 - 02:31PM
Being an official senior citizen as of October the first, I am what on might consider a cyber-space dinosaur. I manage, but that is all. I am TODAY going to being my Cyber-journey, new website, blogs and all that for my books, yes, I write as well. And so I can appreciate your frustration Mr. Smith...Hang in there though, may the cherished comments be resurrected (as in, keep them coming!) By the way, I am on chapter telve in The Predicate and loving it. So many twists and turns that I can't put it down!!!

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