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So, has Anyone Figured it Out yet?

by Posted Author on 05/28/15

By G. F. Smith

“Figured it out yet? Figured what out?” you’re probably asking. You know…the theory of everything, or whatever it is you want to call it. You see I’ve been out of the Blogging loop as it were for quite some time—about two years, actually. And I wondered if I missed anything big while I was gone. Sometimes I don’t get the memos, you know. 

Anyway, the reason for the absence was actually two-fold: 1) I’ve been involved with a new position at my day job, and 2) I’ve been writing a new book. Of which both, I am very proud to say, have gone exceedingly well. 

The job is for a great company, working with awesome people, and it has turned into a successful enterprise, not only for myself and the people who are in my charge, but for the owners and partners who initiated the endeavor in the first place—of which, by the way, are located on two different sides of the world. And, I must say I am also exceedingly proud to work with both my American as well as Japanese associates. Did I mention it’s been great? 

Okay, now, a little more regarding the book details: I’ve been writing this novel, see—my fourth—and I have recently finished it and it is nearing the final stages before the final launch, which, by the way, is going to happen very soon, in the matter of a couple weeks after the publication of this Blog Post, actually. 

The book’s themes and related details will be highlighted soon when the updated Website is published, and the proofs are proofed. All the editing and design phases are complete, with just a few cover details left to finish up. After that, it’s “to infinity and beyond!” (Wait a minute, that’s probably copyrighted, so…) “to the opposite of finiteness, and afar!” 

Anyway, I just wanted to take a few minutes and start to get back in the “shh-wing” of things (oops, that’s copyrighted too, I think)…the “communication” of things. So, I look forward to it—the communication thing—and I just wanted to pass out a little teaser and let everyone know how excited I am about this new book’s release.


I think you’re going to love this one!

Its call Smartbrain!

Until the next time,

G. F. Smith

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