Welcome to the Website, and thanks for visiting. Time is precious to everyone, so my thanks are sincere.  

The website is quite obviously an outlet for presenting my work as an author. Long story short, authors write to communicate, to entertain, to educate, to share perspectives with other like-minded people who might gain something from an author’s efforts—an author’s website is merely an extension of that. 

All the books I’ve written were created along those lines. They were written with the humble intention of giving something back to life. Why? Because life has given so much to me and my family.

I believe we all owe a debt of sorts to those who have come before us in life. To those who have taken the time to share their love and insights and passion through their creativity, their hard work, and their inspiring sacrifices. It’s the same way I think about parents, patriarchs, war veterans and heroes, about our country’s founding fathers, about all those who fight for freedom and democracy, as well as all the brilliant scientists, theologians, iconoclasts, and politicians that have challenged certain memes of thinking, bringing about important changes to the world.

Once I matured and realized the deep value I've gained in life from these people and their sharing I was consequently, and humbly motivated to offer my own contributions. So, that’s why I write, and that’s why I created and maintain this website. Life is not all about me! It’s about us!

So, there it is.

My sincere hope and prayer for you today—and through all your tomorrows—is for a measure of faith, an allotment of wisdom, and a sense of purpose in your life. If I can in some way help inspire even a small portion of these in your thinking, well then, perhaps I’ve helped you along your way.

Again, my sincere thanks for visiting!

G. F. Smith

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Imagination is more important than knowledge...

         ~ Albert Einstein
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